Life @ ATFL

The world of ATFL offers you an opportunity to walk into a charged atmosphere every morning, where YOU can 'Make a Difference'.

Here, you will find something new to learn every day and resources to develop yourself personally and professionally, sprinkled with abundant moments of fun and bonding.

At ATFL no day is the same and no day is boring!

Your days in office will pass you by in a whiz as you move through a spectrum of activities- ranging anything from a brainstorming with the leadership to a cross functional project or an onsite hobby class or a high end capability program

All jobs and roles at ATFL are designed to ensure that each individual is entrusted with the highest level of responsibility from DAY-1, so that work becomes a source of continued intellectual stimulation for you. Our employees are important to us, so we ensure the other facets of their life are also well taken care of through- medical facilities, health and well being programmes, personal development and generous vacation policies. Scan through the list of our benefits to know more

The ATFL life is for you if you like to live an ever dynamic work and personal life