Fun @ Work

A dose of laughter, a pound of fun, an ounce of crazy conversations, some playfulness and loads of good cheer!

ATFL’s work culture is brimming with close camaraderie with colleagues, a lively atmosphere and a flurry of exciting activities. We celebrate and share joyful moments together. The regular and mundane bores us, hence, we ensure that every celebration at ATFL is with a twist! For instance, February 14th may be Valentine's Day for the world, but at ATFL it is TAREEF DAY. On Tareef day, love is extended to one and all at ATFL through personalized Thank You cards which are exchanged across the organization- surpassing all barriers of grade/designation/location.

Similarly, ATFL's Founders Day is celebrated not as one special day- but it is a month long ‘Birthday Party!’ marked by various sports/competitive events engaging all employees. All festivities are celebrated with great pomp and show and of course, there is frequent dash of impromptu bowling events, movie outings etc.

These activities create a vibe of enthusiasm and bonding which can be felt for days. People may call it FUN @ WORK, but we call it WORK @ FUN!