Sundrop Oils

Sundrop is one of the largest brands in the premium segment of refined oil consumer packs. What started in 1989 as sunflower oil, in a predominantly groundnut and mustard oil market, Sundrop today offers a wide range of healthy oils to its consumers. The Sundrop brand stands on four pillars of "Health", "Taste", "Lightness" & "Vitality", which have been built over the years through its strong and differentiated positioning - "The healthy oil for healthy people", which has a high recall value & consistent quality. Sundrop offers a host of products that bring out the real taste of good food while making it sensorially light. Sundrop offers 100% purity and offers the goodness of vitamins and other essential nutrients, which makes it the ideal choice for people looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Sundrop offers a wide range of edible vegetable oils to meet the lifestyle requirements of a varied consumer base in the market.