Unlock a whole new popcorn experience!

Now, make your movie watching feel even more magical.
With the first-of-its-kind ACT II Pop-Up Box!
It's a unique and fun way to make your favourite popcorn.
So, c'mon, let's pop open some excitement!



Just follow these 6 simple steps


  • Remove the outer covering
  • Pull the two tabs on the top flap to give shape to the Pop-up Box
  • Place the box in the microwave
  • Set the time between 2.5 and 3 minutes on high power. Press 'Start' and DO NOT LEAVE THE MICROWAVE UNATTENDED
  • Listen to the popping sound and stop the microwave once the popping sound slows down to 1-2 secs between pops
  • Carefully remove the box from the microwave by holding the top part, as the bottom could be hot
  • Open the box and remove the protective film. Enjoy the delicious popcorn in our new Pop-Up Box!
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Will the base of the product be hot?

Yes, it will get hot and hence it is advised to hold the box from the top or from the pull tabs. Avoid placing it directly on your lap. This information has also been printed on the box.

Will it have more un-popped kernels than a normal pack?

No, this is not true. Just ensure you stop the microwave when the popping sound slows down to an interval of 1-2 seconds between pops.

Are there chances of the popcorn getting burnt?

No, all you have to do is listen carefully to the popping sound and once the popping reduces to a gap of 1-2 seconds, you can turn off the microwave.