Sundrop Heart was launched in 2003, under the fast growing Heart Care Category in Refined oils and has been a preferred brand since then. Sundrop Heart is a scientific blend of physically refined rice bran oil (80%) and refined sunflower oil (20%). It is rich in a bio-active component 'Oryzanol' that helps reducing cholesterol levels.

It has been researched and scientifically proven# that Sundrop Heart Helps Reduce Cholesterol## in 30 Days. Sundrop Heart has been tested on Indian subjects.

It has two types of natural anti-oxidants.

Product Benefits
  • Sundrop Heart is the only blended edible vegetable oil which has been scientifically proven# to Help reduce Cholesterol## in 30 Days and relevantly tested
  • Sundrop Heart has less saturated fat than 100% Refined Ricebran oil. Saturated fats are 'Bad' Fats and can lead to heart disease
  • Sundrop Heart has a good balance of MUFA and PUFA thereby giving balanced nutrition and health
  • It is suitable for all types of cooking, brings out the real taste of food and is suitable for the entire family
  • #Sundrop Heart has Oryzanol which helps reduce cholesterol. Source: Study on Effect of Rice Bran & Sunflower Blend on Human Lipid Profile, Indian Journal of Applied and Pure Biology, Volume 25, No. 02, 2010. Refer Research in Journal Sundrop Heart for more details
  • ##Total Serum Cholesterol.
  • Care for your heart begins with keeping your weight under control, reducing stress, exercising regularly and abstaining from smoking. A healthy lifestyle needs to be supplemented with a healthy diet. Choose Oryzanol rich Sundrop Heart as part of a healthy diet to make tasty food and help keep your entire family healthy